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Recent Spring Arrivals - Turkey Vulture, Mountain Bluebird, Rufous Hummingbird and Northern Rough-winged Swallow.

White-throated Sparrow 
Location : Reifel (fuller slough) - Ladner
Reported: Mar 28 (George Clulow)

Tundra Swans (13)
Location: Hwy 10 and 112th St -Delta
Reported : Mar 26- (Carlo Giovanella, m.obs)

Northern Rough-winged Swallow (1)
Location: Boundary Bay Regional Park ( near Centennial beach- (bird was perched on a wire with Tree Swallows)  - Delta
Reported: Mar 26 (Edward Nygren)

Say's Phoebe (1)
Location: Locarno Beach (bird is by the bluebird near the volleyball pylons between Locarno and Spanish Banks beaches) -Vancouver
Reported: Mar 26  (Mike Tabak, m.obs)

                                                           Photo: Brian Stech

Mountain Bluebird (1 male)
Location: Locarno Beach  (Bird is on the rocks near the Volleyball wood pylons near the border between Locarno Beach and Spanish Banks) - Vancouver
Reported: Mar 21 - 28 (Pierre Cenerelli, m.obs)

                                                         Photo by Pierre Cenerelli

Palm Warbler
Location: South side of duck pond in a willow tree with YRWAs at Jericho Park
**Also seen in the trees along the paved driveway beside condos south of the parking lot (which borders the east side of the duck pond).
Reported: Mar 21-28 (Jamie Fenneman, m.obs)

                                                             Photo: Liron Gertsman

Townsend's Solitaire
Location: Private Home - North Vancouver
Reported: Mar 21 (Derek Matthews)

Say's Phoebe
Location: (Bird was by washrooms) Iona - Richmond
Reported: Mar 18 (Milva DeSiena)

                                                            Photo: Milva DeSiena

Tundra Swans (3)
Location: In a field on the south side of Hornby Dr. between 112 St and 104St - Delta
Reported: Mar 18 (Lou Davidson)

1 Tundra Swan Relocated :
Relocated: Mar 25 (Brent Diakow)
Location: 112th St and Hwy 10 - Ladner

Kumlien's Iceland Gull 
Location: Prest and McGuire Rd and in field to the east of the Bailey Landfill - Chilliwack
Reported: Feb 26- March 18 (Mike Tabak)

                                                              Photo: Mike Tabak

Swamp Sparrow
Location: Iona NW inner pond
Reported: Mar 14 (Peter Candido)

Tundra Swan
Location: McCleery Golf Course (Fly over) - Vancouver
Reported: Mar 14 (Bridget Spencer)

Blue-morph Snow Goose (1 juvenile)
Location: Iona (In front lawn of wastewater treatment plant)
Reported: Feb 21  (Raymond Ng)
Relocated: Mar 14-15 (Melissa H., m.obs)

                                                             Photo: Melissa H.

Mountain Bluebird (1 male)
Location: Hawking insects on the north side of Colony Farm Road. Was also seen previously on Home Farm Dyke Trail at  Colony Farm - Coquitlam
Reported: Mar 14-17 (Andrew V., m.obs)

                                                           Photo: Quentin Brown

Green Heron
Location: Debouville Slough (trail off cedar drive) - Coquitlam
Reported: Mar 13-Mar 16 (Hilary Maguire, m.obs)

                                                             Photo: Hilary Maguire

Say's Phoebe
Location: Hope Airport
Reported: Mar 10 - 25 (Gord Gadsden, m.obs)

More pictures can be viewed Here

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Location: Carnarvon street and Celtic Ave.
Reported: Mar 9 - (Ben Keen)

                                                                     Photo: Ben Keen

Golden Eagle
Location: Ladner Road and Rannie Road - Pitt Meadows
Reported: Mar 8  (Rikki Johnson)

Common Redpoll (1)                                         
Location: Great Blue Heron Reserve (at bird feeder by nature house) - Chilliwack
Reported: Mar 7 (Raymond Ng)

Golden Eagle 
Location: Rosedale
Reported: March 8-12  (Matthew Meir)

Mourning Doves (2 locations):
Location: Windjammer Slough (off Ferry Rd) - Ladner
Reported: Feb 24 - Mar 14 (George Clulow, m.obs)

Location: MacNeil Rd heading towards  Rannie Road - Maple Ridge
Reported: Mar 8 (Neill Vanhinsberg)

Northern Goshawk (adult) 
Location: Ryder Lake area - Chilliwack
Reported: Mar 8 (Becke Sawatzky)

                                                            Photo: Becke Sawatzky

Cliff Swallow
Location: Iona Outer Ponds - Richmond
Reported: Mar 6 (Mark Wynja)

Yellow-headed Blackbird (1 male)
Location:112th and Hornby Dr. - Delta
Reported: Mar 3-Mar 8 (Mike Tabak)

                                                              Photo: Mike Tabak

Rufous Hummingbird
Location: Private home near 208th St. and 45A Ave. - Langley
Reported: Mar 1-Mar 6 (Robin Horn)

                                                              Photo: Robin Horn

Glaucous Gull (2nd cycle bird)
Location: Squamish River Estuary - Squamish
Reported: Mar 1 (Liron Gertsman)

                                                          Photo: Liron Gertsman

Iceland Gulls (2, 1st cycle birds)
Location:  In the field on the east side of the road into the Bailey Landfill- Chilliwack
Reported: Feb 28-Mar 8 (Rick Toochin)

                                                             Photo: Rick Toochin

Redheads (5 locations):

Location: Willband Creek - Abbotsford
Reported: Mar 6-Mar 8 (Len Jellicoe)

Location: 11 Redheads at  Silvermere lake - Maple Ridge
Reported: Mar 5- Mar 8  (Ken Thomson)

Location: 1 male, Deer Lake - Burnab

Reported: Mar 3-8 (George Clulow)

Location: Great Blue Heron Reserve - Chilliwack
Reported: Feb 22-Mar 16 (Ray Morris)

Location:1 male in NW inner pond and outer pond,  Iona - Richmond
Reported: Feb 28-Mar 14 (Jim Palmer, m.obs)

                                                     Photo: Michelle Lamberson

Glaucous Gull
Location: North side of River Rd at the corner of 62B St (1st field east of Town and Country) -Delta
north side of River Rd, the corner of 62B St - See more at:
north side of River Rd, the corner of 62B St - See more at:
north side of River Rd, the corner of 62B St - See more at:
Reported: Feb 27 (Glen Thomson)

Lesser Black-backed Gull (4th year bird)
Location: On Prest Road (near McGuire Road) - Chilliwack
Reported: Feb 25-28 (Rick Toochin)

                                                            Photo: Rick Toochin

Violet-Green Swallow (2 locations)
Location: (1) Iona outer ponds
Reported: Feb 18- Mar 8 (Mike and Sharon Toochin)

Location: (1) Burnaby Lake
Reported: Mar 4- Mar 8(George Clulow)

Location: (1) Reifel Refuge - Ladner
Reported: Feb 24 (Seb Pardo et al, m.obs)

Location: (3) Nicomen Slough
Reported: March 3 (Oloff Biermann)

Franklin's Gull
Location: Burns Drive and 96th St - Ladner
Reported: Feb 22 (George Clulow)

White-throated Sparrow
Location: Ferry Road-Ladner
Directions : Head North on Ferry Rd. from River Rd. until you pass Windjammer Rd. just after Windjammer is a slough (right-hand side), parking on Ferry Rd. Walk the gravel path which is on the north side of the slough. The cottonwood trees along this path have small red circular numbered identification tags. In the background near #111 tree you'll notice a suspended bird feeder (close to the townhouse property). The sparrow is associating with juncos & sparrows active near that feeder.
Reported: Feb 21- Mar 18 (Douglas Bamford, m.obs)

                                                           Photo: Ilya Povalyaev

                                                             Photo: Raymond Ng

Northern Goshawk (juvenile)
Location: Iona
Reported: Feb 18 (Paul Levesque)

Mountain Bluebird (1)
Location: Hope Airport
Reported: Feb 16 (Cathy)

White-tailed Ptarmigan (1)
Location: First Pump Peak access from Mt. Seymour Trail (Mount Seymour)
Reported: Feb 15-18 (Ilya Povalyaev et al.)

                                                                 Photo: Melissa H.

Tufted Duck (1 male)
Location: Iona Outer Pond and Inner Ponds - Richmond
Reported: Jan 31 (Megan Willie and Jayme Brooks)
Relocated: Feb 15-Mar 9  (Mike Toochin, m.obs)

                                                             Photo: Jayme Brooks

                                                             Photo: Peter Zadorozny

Tree Swallows (11) in three locations
Location: (3) Iona outer and inner ponds - Richmond
Reported: Feb 15-March 8 (Mike Toochin, m.obs)

Location: (3) 72nd Boundary Bay - Delta
Reported: Feb 17 (Lonnie Sommers)

Location: (5) Burnaby Lake - Burnaby
Reported: Feb 19-Mar 8 (Bryan Stephens)

Glaucous Gull
Location: Great Blue Heron Reserve (Chilliwack)
Reported: Feb 14 (Jamie and Gord Gadsden)

Pine Grosbeak (2)
Location: Queen Elizabeth Park (Birds found in trees west and north of tennis courts) - Vancouver
Reported: Feb 4-9 (Brent Diakow, m.obs)

                                                             Photo: Liron Gertsman

Townsend's Warblers (2) - (male and female)
Location: Shoreline Park - Port Moody
Reported: Jan 30-Feb 17 (Daniele Mitchell, Ilya Povalyaev, Melissa H.)

                                          (Female Townsend's Warbler) Photo: Melissa H.

                                          (Male Townsend's Warbler) Photo: Ilya Povalyaev.

Yellow-Headed Blackbirds (2 males)
Location: Westham Island Road - Ladner
Reported: Jan 28-31 (Wendy Easton)

Rock Sandpipers (2 locations):
Location: Whytecliff Park  - West Vancouver
Reported: Jan 28-29 (Rob Lyske, John Reynolds, Seb Pardo, m.obs)

Location: Klootchman Park - West Vancouver
Reported: Jan 30-31 (George Clulow et al)

                                                   Photo: Quentin Brown (Whytecliff Park)
* Rock Sandpiper is the small bird in the middle right of the photograph surrounded by Surfbirds*

Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches (2) 
One is a Coastal species (Gray-crowned) and One is an Interior species (Gray-cheeked)
Location: Upper parking lot beside the Lodge at Seymour Mountain - North Vancouver
Reported: Jan 27- Feb 4 (Rob Lyske, m.obs)

                                                   Interior Species - Photo: John Reynolds

                                                   Coastal Species - Photo: John Reynolds

Common Redpolls (2)
Location: Rannie Road a few hundred meters from the Grant Narrows parking lot - Pitt Meadows
Reported: Jan 26 (Dan Tyson)

Cackling Geese (30)
Location: Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavillion - Burnaby
Reported: Jan 21 (Clive Harris)

Greater White-Fronted Goose (5)
Location: 1 at Lonsdale Quay (flocking with Canada Geese) -North Vancouver
Reported: Jan 21 (Liam Braeden)
Also 4 were seen by Clive Harris on Jan 21 at Stanley Park in Vancouver

Green Heron
Location: Menzies Street Bridge, Hope Slough (Chilliwack)
Reported: Jan 20-Feb 7th (Denis Knopp)

Pine Grosbeaks (4)
Location: Queen Elizabeth Park (Birds were in trees by the tennis courts) -Vancouver
Reported: Jan 21 (David Schutz)

Barn Swallows (4 locations):
Location: Reifel Refuge center ponds (7 seen) - Ladner
Reported : Jan 10- Feb 22 (Brent Diakow, m.obs)

Location: Iona outer pond (2 seen) - Richmond
Reported: Jan 30- Feb 22 (Peter Candido, m.obs)

Location: 72nd St Boundary Bay (1 seen) near golf course - Delta
Reported: Jan 30- Mar 3 (George Clulow, m.obs)

Location: Lighthouse Park - Point Roberts, WA
Reported: Jan 12 (Quentin Brown)

Western Gull (4 locations)
Location: Trout Lake Park -Vancouver
Reported: Jan 18 (Liron Gerstman)

Location: Brydon Lagoon - Langley
Reported: Jan 29 (Michael Klotz)

Location: Glen Valley Regional Park - Langley
Reported: Jan 17 (John Vooys)

Location: White Rock Pier - White Rock
Reported: Feb 2 (Carlo Giovanella)

Greater White-fronted Geese (3)
Location: Ladner Trunk Road and 104th  - Delta
Reported: Jan 16 (Ilya Povalyaev)
Another one seen in the Lonsdale area (Liam Crawford)

Gyrfalcon (Gray Phase)
Location: Boundary Bay (72nd st access)
Reported: Jan 16 (Neill Vanhinsberg)

Common Teal X Green-winged Teal Hybrid (1 male)
Location: Surrey Lake Park - Surrey
Reported: Jan 15- Jan 28 (Peter Zadorozny)

                                                                Photo: Peter Zadorozny

Western Scrub-Jays (1)
Location: Lougheed Hwy ( bird was sitting on a road sign directly across from Ikea) - Coquitlam
Reported: Jan 14 (Mark McAnally)

                                                              Photo: Mark McAnally

*The Maple Ridge trio is still hanging around York St and 119th Ave in Maple Ridge as of  Mar 8*
**The Tillbury duo are also continuing around 76th St and River Rd in Delta  as of  Mar 1** 

Common Teal
Location: MacDonald Beach - Richmond
Reported: Dec 26 - Feb 4 (Dean Smith, m.obs)

                                                                Photo: Melissa H.

                                                                    Photo: Brian Avent

Dean Smit
Dean Smit

Gyrfalcons (2)
*(One is a brown phase and one is a gray phase)
Location: They were seen flying from Alouette Polder to Connecting/ Sharpe Rd - Pitt Meadows
Reported: Jan 2-Jan 12 (Ken Thomson)

Prairie Falcon

Location: Sturgeon Slough, Rannie Road, Pitt Meadows
Reported: Dec 25-Jan12 (Ken Thomson--photo)
*Jan-12 PF is roaming from Alouette Polder to Connecting/ Sharpe Rd

Golden-crowned x White-crowned Sparrow hybrid
Location: 112th St and Hornby Dr. - Ladner
Reported: Jan 11 - Jan 27 (Melissa H., Liron Gertsman)
Another one was reported on Jan 26 by Raymond Ng on 72nd at a private residence.

                                                        Photo: Liron Gertsman

                                                                Photo: Melissa H.

Golden-crowned x White-crowned Sparrow hybrid

Golden-crowned x White-crowned Sparrow hybrid
Late female Wilson's Warbler (3rd December record for the Eastern Fraser Valley)
Location: Private home in Abbotsford
Reported: Bird was present in yard from Nov 19 until Dec 23th, 2014 (Bill Thomas)

                                                                Photo: Bill Thomas

Lesser Black-backed Gull
Location: Hwy 1 and Annis Rd, Chilliwack
Reported: Jan 9, 2015 (Rick Toochin, Gord Gadsen)

Pine Grosbeaks (5)
Location: Queen Elizabeth Park -Vancouver
(Birds were in larch trees in the northwest portion of the park) 
Reported: Jan 7 (Mike Toochin et al.)

Townsend's Solitaire 

Location: Koerner Road near Rannie Road Pitt Meadows
Reported: Jan 2 (Mark McAnally et al.)  

Harlan's (Red-tailed) Hawk (Light Morph)
Location: Rannie Road (near Koerner Rd), Pitt Meadows
Reported: Jan 1-Mar 2, 2015 (Melissa H., m.obs)
*Bird was first seen by Ken Thomson on Nov 24, 2014.
*Jan 12 -Ken Thomson viewed the bird at Swan-e-Set golf course viewed from Rannie Rd.
 *Mar 2 - Raymond Ng found the bird along Rannie Rd.

                                                               Photo: Ken Thomson

                                                                Photo: Raymond Ng

Rusty Blackbird (1)
Location: Ballam Rd - Chilliwack
Reported: Jan 4, 2014 (Dave Beeke)

Harris's Sparrow (1)
Location: End of Fooks Road - Abbotsford
Reported: Jan 3, 2014 (Len Jellicoe)

Bohemian Waxwings (12)
Location: End of Cuthbert Road near Dinn's Bridge - Aggasiz
Reported: Dec 31-Jan 1 (Murray Brown)

Sora (1)
Location: Reifel Bird Refuge (Bird was seen by blue tower) - Ladner
Reported: Jan 3-Jan 31 (Melissa H., m.obs.)

American Tree Sparrow (1)
Location: Pitt River - Pitt Meadows
Reported: Jan 3 (John Reynolds et al.)

                                                               Photo: John Reynolds

Common Redpolls (3)
Location: Reifel Bird Refuge - Ladner
Birds were seen with a flock of Pine Siskins in alders along the roadway entrance to the park
Reported: Jan 2 (Monica Nugent)

American Tree Sparrows (3)
Location: 72nd St Boundary Bay Dyke Access - Ladner
Reported: Jan 2- Jan 27 (Raymond Ng, m.obs)

                                                                  Photo: Raymond Ng
Black-billed Magpie
Location: Cheam Lake Wetlands
Reported: Dec 30- Jan 8 (Wes Aslin)

                                                                Photo: Dave Peppar
Bohemian Waxwings (50)
Location: Reifel Bird Sanctuary ( Birds were seen on the trail between the West Field and the South West Marsh and also on Jan 2 along the roadway entrance into the park eating berries. The flock was also seen on the roadway entrance to the Alasken environmental area) - Ladner
Reported: Dec 29-Jan 28, 2014 (Lou Davidson, m.obs.)

                                                             Photo: Joshua Brown

Pine Grosbeaks (14)
Location: Cherry trees beside parking lot - Burnaby Mountain
Reported: Dec 29 - Jan 15, 2014 (David Schutz, m.obs.)

                                                              Photos: Raymond Ng

Bohemian Waxwings (12)
Location: Dinn's Bridge at the end of Cuthbert Road - Agassiz
Reported: Jan 3, 2014 (Murray Brown)

Glaucous Gull (1st year)
Location: Campbell Road near Interprovincial Road - Sumas Prairie
Reported: Dec 27, 2014  - Jan 28 (Rick Toochin, m.obs)
 *Dan Tyson saw the bird on Jan 28 in the fields NW of Campbell Road and McDermott Road.

Glaucous Gull (Second cycle bird)
Location: Powerhouse and Wells Line Road - Sumas Prairie
Reported: Dec 26, 2014 (Al Russell)

                                                                   Photo: Al Russell

Location: Viterra Grain Terminal - Vancouver
Reported: Dec 24-Feb 17 (Doug Cooper, m.obs)

                                                         Photo: Raymond Ng

Golden Eagle (1 juvenile)
Location: 72nd St (Eagle was in tree on Kings Links Golf Course) - Ladner
Reported: Dec 24 - Mar 12 (Tak Shibata, m.obs)

                                                          Photo: Tak Shibata

                                                        Photo: Melissa H.

Rusty Blackbird (1 male)
Location: 112th and Hornby Dr. - Ladner
Reported: Dec 23 - Feb 4 (Ilya Povalyaev, m.obs)

                                                           Photo: Peter Zadorozny

                                                                Photo: Joshua Brown

Palm Warblers (2)
Location: Boundary Bay 72nd dyke entrance - Ladner
(Birds were foraging with yellow-rumped warblers halfway to the electrical station)
Reported: Dec 21-Jan 13, 2014  (Ilya Povalyaev, m.obs)

                                                               Photo: Melissa H.

Swamp Sparrow (2)
Location: Reifel Refuge (birds were situated in the marsh near the blue viewing tower) - Ladner
Reported: Dec 13 - Feb 17 (Melissa H. and Liron Gerstman)

                                                                 Photo: Liron Gertsman


Redhead Ducks (2 males)
Location: Grant Narrows - Pitt Meadows
Reported: Dec 17- Mar 3 (Russ Cannings and Melissa H., m.obs.)

Eared Grebe (3)
Location: White Rock Pier
Reported: Nov 17/14 - Feb 22/15 (Carlo Giavanelli, m. obs.)

                                                             Photo: Mark Wynja

Franklin's Gull (First-winter bird)--likely same bird as in early November.
Location: Cole and Campbell Rd junction, Sumas Prairie
Reported: Dec 10-27 (Rick Toochin, m. obs.)

Photo: Raymond Ng

Harris' Sparrow
Location: Vye Rd
Reported: Dec 16- Dec 20 (Gord Gadsden, et al.)

Golden Eagles (2)
Location: Campbell x Tolmie Rd (Sumas Prairie, Fraser Valley)
Reported: Dec 13-22 (Raymond Ng, m. obs)

Photos: Raymond Ng

Prairie Falcon (other individual)
Location: Marion Rd, Sumas Prairie
Reported: Dec 15-18 (Gord Gadsden, Rick Toochin  m. obs)

Photo: Gord Gadsden


Golden Eagles (2)
Location: Agassiz CBC
Reported: Dec 15 (Gord Gadsden)

Rusty Blackbird (4)

Photo Len Jellicoe
Location: Corner of Mackenzie and Vye Rde
Reported: Nov 26-Feb 4 (Rick Tochin, m.obs)
Also seen at: Whatcom Rd south of Vye(Len Jellicoe) Nov 28; One seen on Kenny Rd just south of Vye, likely same bird(s). Nov 29 (Norbert Sharp); Dec 15--Rick Toochin had Rusties on Fooks Rd and with a Brewer's flock near Vye and Cole Rds.
Dec 22- Rick Toochin reports  2 males and 2 females at Maher and Schneider Road.
Dec 27- Randy Walker reports 1 male at North Parallel Road 0.5 km East of Fooks Rd.
Dec 27-Rick Toochin reports 1 female at Dixon Road and South Parallel Road.
Jan 3- Len Jellicoe reports one at North Parallel Road 0.5 km East of Fooks Rd.
Jan 27- Dan Tyson reports one at North Parallel and Fooks Rd in a flock os starlings 
Feb - 4 Ed reports one at North Parallel and Fooks Rd

Bullock's Oriole (Rare in winter)
Location: Fraserview Golf Course
Reported: Dec 14 (Fide Peter Candido)

Bohemian Waxwing (10-100+)
56+ - Location: Cat Bird Slough at Grant Narrows
Reported: Dec 14-15 (Larry Cowan)

12- 75+ - Location: Crane Reserve Entrance and around the Crane Dyke, Pitt Meadows
Reported: Dec 14-21 (Larry Cowan)

                                                            Photo: John Gordon

10 - Location: Pitt River Dyke, Port Coquitlam
Reported: Dec 17 (Robin Learmont)

20 - Location: Pitt Lake Trail at Grant Narrows Regional Park, Pitt Meadows
Reported: Dec 20 (Jacob McTaggart)

25-100+ - Location: Birds were seen along both sides of  Rannie road between Catbird Slough and Grant Narrows Regional Park parking lot, Pitt Meadows
Reported: Dec 21 - Dec 31 (Bob Moore, m.obs)

                                                           Photo: Brian Stech

Pine Grosbeaks
Location: Cat Bird Slough at Grant Narrows 
Reported: ~Dec 15

                                                             Photo: Mike Bailey

Common Redpoll (21) 
Location: Pitt River Dyke by DeBouville 
Reported: Dec 15 (Jim Palmer)

Swamp Sparrow
Location: "DeBoville Slough this afternoon, not far from where I had one on November 30th.  The bird was on the south side of the slough about 300 m before the Pitt River."
Reported: Dec 13 (John Reynolds & Hilary Maguire)

Rock Sandpiper: With ~150 Surfbirds on the nearest islet
Location: Grebe Islets, West Vancouver
Reported: Dec 7 (Mike Klotz and Rob Lyske)

Golden Eagle
Location: Southwest of Wells Line Rd & Powerhouse Rd
Reported: Dec 3 (Dan Tyson)

Prairie Falcon 
Jamie Gadsden

Nov 19--Rick Toochin
Location: Fadden Road approximately 0.5 Km north of Birchwood Dairy (Abbotsford)
Reported: Nov 13 (Rick Toochin & Ed Klassen--Original location above), then relocated at York and Vye Rd. Nov 27-Dec20
Additional photo from Mike Tabak (Dec 3)

More good birds around Sumas Prairie (December 1--Rick Toochin)

"There were 2-3 ATSP along Angus Campbell Rd up at the north end before the bend heading from Vye. They were with WCSP. DEJU etc. Here are the shots. The PRFA arrived at 1:30pm at Kenny Rd. The adult whitish Gyrfalcon was along Bowman Road out in the field on a post to the east before the dyke and likely the same bird was along Cole in the giant Fir Tree at the dyke south of Wells Line. There were Kestrels along Vye at Kenny, another was along Marion before Wells Line and another was along Campbell. The Peregrine Falcon was along Vye before Angus Campbell in a small tree on the north side of the road. The only Merlin today was along Old Yale Road past Arnold. There was a Snow Bunting in a field along Wells Line before Cole Rd. Also here was a large flock of 30 American Pipits. Another flock of 20 American Pipits were along Angus Campbell Rd. There were 2 Tundra Swans with 200+ Trumpeter Swans along Marion Road north of Campbell Rd. There was a flock of 24 Yellow-rumped Warblers along Kenny Rd. It was a 50-50 split between Audubon's and Myrtle Warblers. I had another Myrtle Warbler along Cole Road just up from Vye Rd. Gull numbers were very low today"

Western Scrub-Jays (2)
Location: Near River Rd x 76th Street, Delta (Please be highly aware of busy traffic in area--Weekends are probably best
Reported: Nov 1-Feb 17 (fide Alan Moat--Photo)
*The Maple Ridge trio is still handing around York St and 119th Ave*

Gray-crowned Rosyfinch (6)
Location: Turf Farm along Dixon Rd, just north of 5 Rd (Sumas Prairie)
Reported: Nov 26 (Rich Toochin)

Glaucous Gull (adult)
Location: Campbell x Cole Rds (Sumas Prairie)
Reported: Nov 26 (Rick Toochin)

Harlan's (Red-tailed) Hawk
Location: Pitt-Polder
Reported: Nov 24-Mar 2  (Ken Thomson--photo)

Kumlien's (Iceland) Gull
Location: Along Angus-Campbell Rd just north of Vye Rd (Sumas Prairie)
Reported: Rick Toochin (Nov 24)
*There were 9 species of gulls in this field including a 1st-winter Franklin's Gull!

Harris's Sparrow
Location: Reifel Refuge, Ladner
Reported: Nov 22-Mar 18 (Liam Singh et al.)

Gyrfalcons (Sumas Prairie)
Nov 19-Jan7: (up to 3 birds) 2 [1 adult & 1 immature] at Marion Road at Turf Farm together. Another gray phase adult was at McDermott Road and Wells line at the same time Nov 20. 
[Rich Toochin et al.] 
Dec 27 - Rick Toochin and Al Russell found one at Dixon Road and 5 Roadl
Jan 7- Gyrfalcon present on Marion and #5 Rd (Len Jellicoe)

Bohemian Waxwing (Single bird foraging with robins)
Location: North Parallel Rd (Sumas Prairie)
Reported: Nov 20-Dec 30 (Rick Toochin)
Several others were photographed in Hope 
Dec 30-  1 single bird foraging at Fish Trap Creek Park (Rick Toochin)

Northern Goshawk
Location: Along Cole Rd south of Well Line Rd (Sumas Prairie)
Reported: Nov 20 (Rick Toochin--photo)

Location: Cole and Campbell Road
Reported: Dec 18 (Dennis Knopp)

Palm Warbler
Location: Near Dixon Rd x Campbell Rd Intersevtion (Sumas Prairie)
Reported: Nov 17 (Rich Toochin)

Location: Immature with mixed sparrow flock in large Brussels sprout field along Dixon Rd 0.5 km N of Campbell Rd (Sumas Prairie, East of Abbotsford)
Reported: Nov 16 (Rick Toochin & Al Russell)

Cinnamon Teal (Female-type)
Location: In field with other dabblers on Fadden Rd (Sumas Prairie)
Reported: Nov 16 (Rick Toochin & Al Russell)

Bohemian Waxwings
Location: Several have been seen with Cedars at George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary
Reported:Nov 15-17+ (George Clulow et al.)

Northern Goshawk 
Location: Near 112th and Hwy 10 in Delta.
Reported: Nov 18 (Mike Tabak)

American Tree Sparrows
Individuals and small groups have been reported from Cecil Green at UBC (Nov 10) in front of the mansion east of 64th along the boundary bay dike (Nov 11), at the start of the Conifer Loop trail just east of Piper Spit  (Nov 12) and at Iona Beach Regional Park (Nov 11).

Rusty Blackbird (Female)
Location: Along Fadden Road just north of Vye Road in Chilliwack
Reported: Nov 11 (Mike Toochin)
Another female was reported on Bowman Road and Wells Line Road in Sumas Prairie on Nov 5th (Rick Toochin)

Harris's Sparrow 
Location: Iona Beach Regional Park
Reported: Nov 10-17 (David Tang)
Another was around at G. C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary around Nov 16-17 and after

Photo: David Tang

TROPICAL KINGBIRD #2 (Or perhaps same as Richmond bird?)
Photo: Cole Gaerber
Location: Brunswick Point, W end of River Rd, Ladner--near pilings
Reported: Multiple Observers (Oct 16-Nov 10+)

MacGillivray's Warbler (Very Late)
Photo: Melissa H
Location: Ambleside Park, West Vancouver
Reported: Oct 26-Nov 10 (Many observers)

Palm Warbler
Location: Ambleside Park, North Vancouver, by the pond
Reported: Oct 21-Nov 5 (Rob Lyske et al.)
Another was spotted on November 6 at Jericho Park "feeding on the ground along the grass edge of the wide trail that enters the bunny patch from the northeast corner. This overgrown bramble area, with it's maze of trails, is west of the large pond and easily identified by the large number of quasi-feral (released) domestic rabbits" -- Brent Diakow
Palm Warbler (Photo: Rob Alexander)

Franklin's Gull (Have been 2, down to 1 now)
Location: Sumas Prairie (Dixon Rd and Wellsline)
Reported: Nov 3-6 (Rick Toochin et al.)

Swamp Sparrow
Location: Jericho Park, at the pond just West of the foot bridge
Reported: Oct 28 (Dan Tyson)

Franklin's Gull
 Location: Along 68 st south of River Road  in Delta
Reported:Oct 23-27 (Mike Tabak)

Glaucous Gull
Location: Deas Island Regional Park, on the Fraser River
Reported: Oct 25 (Dan Tyson)

104th St at Boundary Bay (Sept 13-Oct 26) See main page for more details (scroll back in time)

Location: Iona Beach Regional Park, in the woodlot between the outer ponds.
Reported: Oct 25 (Iona Island Bird Observatory)
See photos on the WildResearch facebook page here

Western Scrub-Jay 
Location: Francis Road right-of-way bike path around 200m east of No. 4 Road, Richmond.
Reported: Oct 20 (Hugh Griffith)

Location: Foot of Francis Rd along the Richmond west dyke (Richmond)
Reported: Oct 14 (David Tang--photos above)

Palm Warbler
Location: Nature Dyke Trail (South end of Pitt Lake)
Reported: Oct 14 (David Schutz)

American Golden-Plover(s) (Pluvialis dominica) Up to 5
Location: Between 104th and 96th along Boundary Bay
Reported: Sept 16-Oct 20

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Up to 2
Location: On Boundary bay between 112th and 96th
Reported: Sept 26-Oct 4 (Kevin Louth)

It's White-throated Sparrow Season!
As we approach October, we expect a number of these gorgeous sparrows to turn up in southern British Columbia. Once a big rarity, their frequency of occurrence has erupted in the past decade thanks to an expanding breeding range into central British Columbia and beyond. They are now breeding as far west as Terrace and as far south as 100 Mile House! Pictured above is a lovely one photographed by Alan Moat at Reifel Refuge on Sep 28th. While we always encourage you to report your bird sightings to local birding forums, we sometimes get overwhelmed with White-throat reports later in October so we would ask that you continue to plug them into eBird and on the yahoo group, but we'll probably refrain from putting too many on this site. Thanks so much and enjoy the fall birding! Who knows what will pop up next!

Nashville Warbler and Palm Warbler
Location: Iona Beach Regional Park Woodlot (between the two outer ponds)
Reported: Sept 27 (Iona Island Bird Observatoy) 

Dusky Flycatcher 
Location: Boundary Bay at foot of 104th 100m W of the foot of the road.
Reported: Sept 19-possibly sept 20 (Kevin Louth and Ilya Povalyaev)

Brown Booby--Fraser River
Hudsonian Godwit, Pacific Golden-Plover, and Sharp-tailed Sandpiper -- G. C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Godwit present on Sept 21-22 at Reifel
(See Main Page for details) 

Solitary Sandpiper 
Location: Boundary Bay at foot of 96th beside the Mansion
Reported: Sept 19 (Ilya Povalyaev and Ian Thomas)

Pacific Golden-Plover (5+) 
Location: 88th Street and Ladner Trunk Road
Reported: Sept 19-21 (Kevin Louth et al.)

Ruff (Juv plumage)
Location: Iona Beach Regional Park sewage treatment plant SW pond
Reported: Sept 13-15 (Mark Wynja)

Wandering Tatler (Tringa incana)
Location: Iona Beach Regional park South Jetty  around the second shelter
Reported: Aug 31-Sept 13 (Tak Shibata) 
Several Horned Larks were also observed along the Jetty (Aug 31-Sept 13)

Wandering Tattler (Photo: Liron Gertsman)

Jaegers- Parasitics (Stercorarius parasiticus) Present at Iona currently (Sept 13). Chasing Terns and best viewed from the South Jetty.

Franklin's Gulls (Leucophaeus pipixcan) - These birds continue to show up on the SW coast of BC. There are still, as of Sept 14, two birds being seen regularly in the Lower Mainland.
The question is now, how many of these are different birds? If you have photos of any of the Franklins around this area this fall please feel free to post them on and join the discussion.

Location 1: Between the jetties at Iona Beach Regional Park (Aug 28-Sept 14 -- Keith Riding)
Location 2: At the Jericho Beach Pier on the beach next to the Sailing Club. (Sept 11-21 -- UBC Ornithology Course)
Location 3: Third Beach in Stanley Park (Sept 17 -- Gilbert Bouchard) 

Franklin's Gull at Jericho Beach (Photo: Erin Bennett-Sep 11)
Franklin's Gull at 3rd beach at Stanley Park (Photo: Gilbert Bouchard)

Location: Hope Airport
Brewer's Sparrow (Spizella breweri) (Sept 13-14 -- Dan Tyson)
*Rick Toochin found another at Harrison Lagoon on Sept 11 (Below)

2 Clay-coloured Sparrows (Spizella pallida) (Sept 12-14 -- Rick Toochin)
(Photo: Rich Toochin)
Bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) (Sept 14 -- Rick Toochin)

Upland Sandpiper (Bartramia longicauda)
Location: Hope Airport
Reported: Sep 10-13 (Rich Toochin, Max Gotz, Paul Levesque)
Photo: Rick Toochin
*Rick had another Upland Sandpiper at the Abbotsford Airport on Sep 8. Add that to the 3 near Victoria and it's been quite the week for them! 

White-throated Sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis)
Location: Queen Elizabeth park on the west bluff that looks out to Cambie Street by the grass area with the single bench on the lookout.
Reported: Sept 11 (Floyd Cherak et al.)
More are turning up around the city. It seems as though the fall push of these birds has started. Keep your eyes peeled and feel free to report any that you see! Burnaby Mountain, Burnaby residences, Jericho and Queen Elizabeth Park (with a surprising 4 separate birds in one morning) have all had White-throats in the last week. (Sept 14-19)
White-throated Sparrow (Photo: Tak Shibata)

Vesper Sparrow (Pooecetes gramineus)
Location: Maplewood Conservation area
Reported: Sept 10 (Quentin Brown)

Vesper Sparrow (Photo: Rob Lyske)

Blackpoll Warbler (Setophaga striata)
Location: Queen Elisabeth Park. On the North Side of the Park by the Small Duck pond
Reported: Sept 10 (Brian Stech)

Blackpoll Warbler (Photo: Brian Stech)

Franklin's Gull (Leucophaeus pipixcan)
Location: Willband Creek (Abbotsford)
Reported: Sep 9 (Anne Toews)

Lewis' Woodpecker (Melanerpes lewis)
Location: Hope Airport
Reported: Sept 7 (Gord Gadsden)

Western Scrub-Jay (Aphelocoma californica)
Location: Private residence in Central Coquitlam (near Mundy Park)
Reported: Sep 8 (Maureen Carlson)

Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)
Location: W 38th Street, Dunbar (Vancouver)
Reported: Sep 6 (Nola Frost)

Sharp-tailed Sandpipers (Calidris acuminata)
Location 1: 2 Immature birds at the foot of 96th street on Boundary Bay in front of the Mansion -- Sept 3 (Mike Tabak) -- One Stilt Sandpiper was also present
Location 2: 1 Immature bird at the west pond at Reifel Bird Sanctuary -- Sept 4-8 (Tak Shabata and Brian Stitch)

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (Photo: Liron Gertsman)

Northern Waterthrush update- 1 continues at Lost Lagoon (Sep 4). Another was encountered at the woodlot at Iona Beach Regional Park (Aug 31--Iona Island Bird Observatory and the bird at lost lagoon is still present as of Sept 2

Willet (Tringa semipalmata)
Location: White Rock Pier. Roosting on the rocks beside the Pier and spending time along the beach.
Reported: July 13-Sept 17 (Roger Foxall, m. obs)

American Golden Plover (Pluvialis dominica)
Location: Boundary Bay between 104th and 96th
Reported: Aug 30 (Mike Toochin)
A Ruddy Turnstone  has also been present around the pilings in this area up until at least Aug 30

Ruff (Immature -- Reeve-type plumage) (Philomachus pugnax)
Location: With the Stilt Sandpipers at Reifel Bird Sanctuary in the west field close to the blue tower. See front page for more details.
Reported: Aug 28-Sept 2 (Tom Plath, Liron Gertsman, Logan Lalonde, Josh Brown, Tak Shibata, et al.)

Vesper Sparrow (Pooecetes gramineus)
Location: Maplewood Conservation Area east mudflats and saltmarsh
Reported: Aug 31 (Joe Denham)

Swainson's Hawk (Buteo swainsoni)
Location: YVR (Vancouver International) Airport
Reported: Aug 31--Possibly still present on Sept 1 (Brent Diakow) 

First year Franklin's Gull (leucophaeus pipixcan)
Location: Between the jetties at Iona Beach Regional Park
Reported: Aug 28 (Keith Riding)

Stilt Sandpipers (Calidris himantopus) (Reifel Bird Sanctuary-- Up to Aug 30)
Sollitary Sandpipers (Reifel Bird Sanctuary -- up to Aug 20 and Iona Beach Regional Park -- up to Aug 30)

Clay-coloured Sparrow (Spizella pallida)
Location: Colony Farm
Reported: Aug 12 (Vancouver Avian Research Centre)

Northern Waterthrushes (Parkesia noveboracensis)
Location 1: 2 at Reifel Bird Sanctuary (Aug 26-- R. Cannings and I. Povalyaev)
Location 2: Burnaby Lake (Aug 22--Joe Denham)
Location 3: Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park (Aug 24-Sept 2 -- Caroline Knox)
Location 4: Shorline Park in Port Moody (Aug 24 -- John Reynolds)
Location 5: 2 at Colony Farm (Aug 16 -- Vancouver Avian Research Centre)
The same day a young Dusky Flycatcher was captured at the Banding Station

Heermann's Gull (Larus heermanni)
Location: Lighthouse Park, Point Roberts (WA)
Reported: Aug 21 (Melissa H)

Clay-coloured Sparrow (Spizella pallida)
Location: Colony Farm
Reported: Aug 21 (Derek Matthews)

Franklin's Gulls (Leucophaeus pipixcan)
Location 1 : Iona Island (Aug 18--Melissa H)
Location 2: Roberts Bank (Brunswick Pt (Aug 18--Rick Swanston)
Location 3:  Port Moody on the flats at the end of Burrard Inlet at Inlet Park (Aug 23-26-- Hilary Maguire)

Tennessee Warbler (Oreothlypis peregrina)
Location: Cheam Wetlands
Reported: August 16 (Dave Beeke)

Clay-colored Sparrow (Spizella pallida)
Location: Harrison Lagoon
Reported: August 15-16 (Gord Gadsden)

Northern Waterthrush (Parkesia noveboracensis)
Location: Maplewood Conservation Area
Reported: Bonnie Hawkes (Aug 11-16)
American Restart was also present on August 12 at the same location.

Franklin's Gull (Leucophaeus pipixcan)
Location: Spanish Banks
Reported: Aug 16 (Nina Steadman)

Franklin's Gull (Leucophaeus pipixcan)
Location: 104th Street in Delta along the Boundary Bay Dike
Reported: July 29-Aug 9 (Logan Lalonde, Ilya Povalyaev and Russell Cannings)

House Wrens
Location: Brunswick Point X4 (Ilya Povalyaev-July 27-30), Colony Farm X1(Vancouver Avian Research Centre-July 26)

Location: Brunswick Pt/Roberts Bank--rising tide (W Ladner)
Reported: July 21 (Richard Swanston)

Green Herons
Location: Hastings Park
Reported: July 2-July 30+ (Doug Cooper, m.obs)
Green Herons have also spotted in the McCleery Golf Course (SW Vancouver) and Maplewood Flats (N Van) throughout July

American White Pelican
Pelican UPDATE: flock of 30-50 birds has been seen at Brunswick Point from June 21-July 27 (one bird still present)
Location: 50 Flying north over Squamish
Reported: June 20 (Chris Dale)

A flock of Pelicans with the same number of birds was spotted circling over the Jericho ponds and near Jericho on June 20-21. A Flock of 50 Pelicans was seen flying Southwest over the Tsawwassen Ferry Jetty on June 26 (Liron Gertsman)
Rock Wren
Location: Hope Slide
Reported: June 18 (Jamie and Gord Gadsden)

Yellow-breasted Chat
Location: Columbia Valley
Reported: June 17 (Brian Stech)

Western Kingbird
Location: Maplewood Conservation Area western marsh
Reported: June 17(Rob Lyske)

Least Flycatcher
Location: Cheam Wetlands
Reported: June 16 (Gord Gadsden)

Black-billed Magpie
Location: North of Metrotown in Burnaby
Reported: 7am June 11 (Steve Ansell)

"7am Wednesday - Just had a Black-billed Magpie in the neighbourhood north of Metrotown in Burnaby. It initially landed in the top of a tall tree near Bond St & Elsom Ave for a few minutes (arriving from the north), before continuing a second flight south to the area of Grafton St & Booth Ave. I was not able to relocate where it landed the second time however, so it could have kept going.Or perhaps it will pull a left turn and head down to Deer Lake."--Steve Ansell

American Redstart-Female
Location: Maplewood Conservation Area
Reported: June 11 (Derek Killby)

American White Pelican-13
Location: Brunswick Point.  Last seen way out between the Coal Port Jetty and Brunswick Point. Apparently present for several days before the 7th when they were first reported. Seen from the bridge to Westham Island all the way out to the South side of Brunswick Point.
Reported: June 7-9 (Wayne Diakow et al.) 

Kingbird year! 
It seems as though there have been a very large number of Western Kingbirds around this spring. At one point there were representatives in what seemed like every park around town. Most recently on June 4th an Eastern and Western were spotted at Maplewood Conservation Area in the same bush (Quentin Brown). June 5th two Easterns were spotted but the Western was not present. 

Bird of Interest: 
Ruffed Grouse-This bird was photographed in the Wigeon Creek area in the Wigeon Valley National Wildlife Area. A bird that is not frequently encountered in the Vancouver checklist area.

Ruffed Grouse (Photo: Amy Thompson)

Lark Sparrow
Location: Blackie Spit
Reported: May 31(Bird Photographed by not relocated on June 1st)
Another Lark Sparrow was spotted in Glen Valley by Doug Cooper "The sparrow was seen about halfway along Dike Rd, between Bradner Rd and Lefeuvre Rd"

Photo: Doug Cooper

Northern Mockingbird 
Location: "seen at the end of Aylmer Road near the FedEx cargo terminal at YVR. Aylmer Road runs south and is the next road west of Templeton off Millar Road. The road dead ends with the YVR works yard on the left and FedEx on the right. Just before FedEx on the right before the sign, there is a small fenced lot overgrown with shrubbery. A robin sized bird, predominantly grey, longer tailed with tail held cocked up was foraging in the grass between the shrub lot and the road. It was hopping sometimes making a couple of flaps to catch up to insects it was catching in the grass. When wings were open large white wing patches were obvious. The white outer tail feathers were not so obvious but also visible. Then flew up over the fence into the shrubby lot. Another birder made a quick search about an hour later and couldn't find it."
Reported: May 31 (Max Gotz)

Tennessee Warbler
Location: Hope Airport
Reported: May 24 (Gord Gadsden)

Lark Sparrow
Location: Hope Airport
Reported: May 12 (Trudi Wierks)

Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Location: Chilliwack (private property)
Reported: May 12 (Gord Gadsden)

Clay-colored Sparrow
Location: Skagit Valley
Reported: May 11 (Bryan and Janet King)

Western Kingbird
Location: Maplewood Flats
Reported: May 10-11 (Barb Koot et al.)

Brewer's Sparrow
Location: Iona Island Regional Park-At South corner of sewage lagoons and outer ponds along the pipe.
Reported: May 10-11

Lewis's Woodpecker
Location: Squamish River Estuary (originally in the Bridge Pond area, but is moving around)
Reported: May 8(Chris Dale)

Photo: Chris Dale

Location: Grant Narrows, Pitt Meadows
Reported: May 6 (Larry Cowan)

Photo: David Schutz

House Wren
Location: Horizon's Restaurant, Burnaby Mountain
Reported: May 3 (The Plover Lords Baillie Birdathon team)

Rusty Blackbird
Location: Squamish River Estuary
Reported: April 28 (Chris Dale)

Mountain Bluebird
Location: Lighthouse Park, Pt Roberts, WA
Reported: April 24 (Melissa H)
Others reported at Mountain View Cemetery near Queen Elizabeth Park late April/Early May 

Say's Phoebes Have been observed  at Hope Airport and Island 22. March 24th

Possible Tufted Duck (female)
Location: No.5 (Sumas Prairie)
Reported: March 22 (Jamie and Gord Gadsden)

Possible Rock Wren 
Location: Light House Park in Point Roberts
Reported: Along the rocks on the beach near where the old light house used to be.
More information as it comes through

White-throated Sparrow
Location: Terra Nova Park, Richmond. On the NE corner of the park on the trail under a feeder near the "natural area"
Reported: March 11 (Monica Nugent)

Townsend's Solitaire
Location: Riverport Rd x Steveston Hwy, Richmond
Reported: March 4
An individual has also been seen near the 33rd Ave entrance to Queen Elizabeth Park 

Brant (rare inland)
Location: Sardis Pond
Reported: Feb 26th (Denis Knopp)

Glaucous Gulls (X2)
Deer Lake (on the East beach in front of the children's playground.) Still present as of March 9.
72nd Street in Delta on Turf farm between Ladner Trunk Road and Boundary Bay Dike. Present most of the winter, but last reported March 9.

Prairie Falcon
Location: Near Brunswick Point (past the turnoff to Westham Island) River Road West at 30b Street.
Seen actively chasing Harriers and Short-eared Owls for voles for at least a month.
Last reported Feb 27-March 9

Photo: Lynnea Parker
Location: Hastings Park to New Brighton Park. Hunting Rock Pigeons and Eurasian Collared Doves from the Vitarra Grain Buildings around that area.
Reported: Jan-March 9 (Doug Cooper et al.) 

Location: Iona Sewage Lagoons (Outer and inner ponds)
Reported: Feb 14-March 9 (Sunny Zhai et al.)

Tufted Duck (Photo: Michelle lamberson)

Townsend's Solitaire
Location: Simon Fraser University Campus, Burnaby Mountain. In the center of campus between the TASC building and the Academic Quadrangle.
Reported: Early Jan- March 3
Another bird was photographed at the UBC Botanical garden on the week of Feb 17th-March 4

Intersex Northern Pintail?
Seen on the east side of Blackie Spit (Crescent Beach) on Feb 9 by Logan Lalonde and Liron Gertsman (photo). Comments welcome!

Mountain Bluebirds (2)
Location: Old Rail West site, Squamish
Reported: Nov 22-Feb 4 (Chris Dale)

WESTERN SCRUB-JAY (Two locations)
Location 1: Central Maple Ridge (latest on York Street-Feb 3-Roger Craik)

Location 2: New Westminster: A bird often seen near roving Steller's Jay flock in between 16th and 18th Streets, and Hamilton St and Seventh Avenue
Reported: Latest known was Feb 1 (Wayne Diakow et al.)

Location: Old Dewdney Trunk Road, east of Harris Rd, and just west of the south end of Neaves Rd (Pitt Meadows)
Reported: Jan 17-Feb 4 (Many birders including Michael Sather--photo)
*There is also a Gyrfalcon hanging out around the Vitarra grain buildings north of Hastings Park (near Iron Workers Mermorial Bridge in East Vancouver) as of Feb 5 (Doug Cooper et al.)--possibly the same bird that was present last winter.

Rusty Blackbird
Location: Corner of Chilliwack Central and Prest Rd
Reported: Jan 13 (Gord Gadsden)

Snow Bunting (80-90) High Count
Location: Marion Rd, Sumas Prairie
Reported Jan 5-16 (Henry Wall et al.)

Location: Marion Rd Sumas Prairie
Reported : Jan 3-7 (Wes Aslin)

Harris' Sparrow
Location: Kitchen Rd (Chilliwack) A little north where the Black Phoebe was seen
Reported: Dec 15- Jan 5 (Mike and Sharon Toochin et al.)

Photo Dave Beeke

Prairie Falcon 
Location: North end of Prest Rd (Chilliwack)
Reported: Jan 1, (Denis Knopp et al.)

Bohemian Waxwings (2)
Location: Deboville Slough - "Follow the east dyke, slough on your right, until you get to the first treed area on your right. The crabapple tree is just before a sign prohibiting the carrying or discharging of firearms."

Single bird relocated - Dec 12 (Colin Clasen),  "700 meters east of the locked gate on the north side"

Reported: Dec 11,  David Schutz

Rock Sandpiper
Location: Tsawwassen Ferry Jetty
Reported: Dec 10, associated with Black Turnstones (Mike Tabak)

Semipalmated Plovers (very late record)
Location: Tsawwassen Ferry Jetty
Reported: Dec 7, still present Dec 9, associating with Dunlin (Nigel)

White-tailed Ptarmigan
Location: Between Cypress Mountain ski area and the Lions along the Howe Sound Crest Trail (not an advisable route without winter mountain travel experience and proper gear).
Reported: Dec 7 (Local hiker via Steve Ansell)

Bohemian Waxwings
Location: New Westminster, just outside Hume Park (west side of Kelly St. just before the park)

Black-and-White Warbler
Location: Stanley Park - Working large trees bordering the pathway between Lumberman's Arch and the park pavilion
Reported: Dec 7- Present in the same location Dec 12 (Karen Barry, Aaron Gaffney)

Gyrfalcon (dark phase)
Location:  Between Hale and McKechnie Rd. - Pitt Meadows (another sighting two days earlier on Bonson Rd. South, perhaps the same individual)
Reported: Dec 2 (Ken Thomson)

Location: Colony Farms Regional Park; pond on Port Coquitlam side (access via Shaugnessy Rd.)
Reported: Nov 28 (Danny Tyson)

Mountain Bluebirds (late)
Location: Squamish
Reported: Nov 23 (2 - sighted by Chris Dale)