Central BC and North Coast

To report rare bird sightings and submit photographs for this page, please email Ryan Johnston at Lastofthecurlews@gmail.com.

Cassin's Finch
Location: Grassland Rd NE Prince George
Reported: April 9 (Clive Keen)
Photo: Clive Keen
(Eurasian) Green-winged Teal
Location: Giscome
Reported: April 4 (Cathy Antoniazzi)

Eurasian Widgeon (3)
Location: Scout Island Lake
Reported: Mar 27 (Phil Ranson)

Yellow-billed Loon 
Location: Tatlayko Lake
Reported: Mar 24 (Jim Sims)

Harris's Sparrows

Location: Private home in Hagensborg
Reported: March 5-7 (Elizabeth Howard)

Location: Private home near N Boundary Rd and Chappel Rd - South Hazelton
Reported: Feb 3-Feb 22 (Riston Penny)

Western Meadowlark
Location: New Hazelton Wetlands
Reported: Jan 28 (Larry Joseph)

American Pipit (9)
Location: Sandspit Airport - Haida Gwaii
Reported: Jan 22 (Carey Bergman)

Pacific Golden-Plover (1)
Location: Sandspit Airport - Haida Gwaii
Reported: Jan 22 (Carey Bergman)
Photo: Carey Bergman

Cassin's Finch (1 male)
Location: Private home on James Dr. - Prince George
Reported: Jan 21-22 (Heather Meier)

Photo: Heather Meier

California Gull
Location: Hot spring Island - Haida Gwaii
Reported: Jan 20 (Carey Bergman)

White-throated Sparrows (2)
Location: Private residence at Toynbee and Mountainview Ave - Thornhill
Reported: Dec 29-April 5 (Diane Weismiller, m.obs)

Canvasback (1 male)
Location: In bay with Scaup off Oceanview Dr. viewed from Premier Creek - Haida Gwaii
Reported: Dec 25-Jan 10 (Carey Bergman)

Canvasback (2)
Location: Sewage Pond - Kitimat
Reported: Jan 2 (Walter Thorne)

Ruddy Duck
Location: Ross Lake Provincial Park-Hazelton
Reported: Oct 23 (Larry Joseph)

Western Gull
Location: Sandspit Airport
Reported: Oct 16 (Carey Bergman)

Yellow-billed Loon
Location: Eaglet Lake-NE of Prince George
Reported: Oct 9-12 (Jeff Dyck)

Photo: Jeff Dyck

Sabine's Gull
Location: Riverside Park-Vanderhoof
Reported: Oct 2 (Sandra Kinsey/Laird Law)

Blue-winged Teal
Location: Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary
Reported: Oct 2 (Chris Charlesworth)

Western Gull
Location: Alaska Lodge-Naikoon Provincial Park
Reported: Oct 2 (Chris Charlesworth)

Rufous Hummingbird
Location: Mountain Ave-Terrace
Reported Sept 15 thru 17 (Diane Weismiller)

Turkey Vulture
Location: Watch Lake near 100 Mile House
Reported: Sept 15 (Vaughan Nelson)

Location: Sandspit Airport
Reported: September 12 (David Bradley)

Long-tailed Jaeger
Location: Carp Lake Provincial Park(South of Mackenzie)
Reported: Sept 11 (Kaiden Bosch)

Black-throated Gray Warbler
Location: Mountainview Ave-Terrace
Reported: Sept 6 (Diane Weismiller)

Northern Shrike
Location: Seeley Lake Provincial Park
Reported: September 5 (Walter Thorne)

Virginia Rail
Location: Pond on Copper Bay Rd, South of Sandspit
Reported: Sept 5 (Carey Bergman)

Hudsonian Godwit
Location: Seaplane Base - Vanderhoof
Reported: Aug 28 (Laird Shaw and Sandra Kinsey)

American Golden-Plover
Location: Riverside Park - Vanderhoof
Reported: Aug 28 (Nancy Kruger et al.)

Blue-headed Vireo
Location: Mugaha Marsh - Mackenzie
Reported: Aug 30 (Walter Thorne)

Photo: Walter Thorne
Gray-cheeked Thrush
Location: Mugaha Marsh -Mackenzie
Reported: Aug 30 (Walter Thorne)

Photo: Walter Thorne
Horned Lark
Location: Spruce Rock-Haida Gwaii
Reported Aug 29th (David Bradley)

American Golden Plover
Location: Riverside Park-Vanderhoof
Reported Aug 28 (Nancy & Karen Krushelnik)

Pacific Loon
Location: Riverside Park-Vanderhoof
Reported Aug 28 (Nancy & Karen Krushelnik)

Hudsonian Godwit
Location: Vanderhoof Seaplane Base
Reported Aug 28th (Sandra Kinsey, Laird Law)

Black Turnstone
Location: Tachick Lake Resort (South of Vanderhoof)
Reported: Aug 28 (Karen Krushelnick, Nancy Krueger)

Photo: Jeff Dyck

Buff-breasted Sandpiper
Location: Sandspit airport
Reported: Aug 28 (Carey Bergman)

Photo: Carey Bergman

Solitary Sandpiper
Location: Port Edward: Old Mill entrance
Reported: August 27th (Theresa Weismiller)

Sabine's Gull
Location: Eaglet Lake (NW of Prince George)
Reported: Aug 22nd (Cathy Antoniazzi et al)

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
Location: Mugaha Marsh - Mackenzie
Reported: Aug 21-22nd (Angie Joiner et al.)

Buff-breasted Sandpiper
Location: Mather's Bight - Sandspit
Reported: Aug 16-17 (Margo Fearne and Peter Hamel, m.obs)

Location: Mather's Bight - Sandspit
Reported: Aug 16-17 (Margo Fearne and Peter Hamel, m.obs)

Blue Jay
Location: Four Mile Mountain Summit
Reported: Aug 17 (Larry Joseph)

American Bittern
Location: Sand Lake - Rosswood
Reported: Aug 17 (Walter Thorne)

Canada Warbler
Location: Mugaha Marsh-North East of Mackenzie UTM 55.3964667,-123.20961
Reported: August 6th (James Bradley)

Black-throated Gray Warbler
Location: Mountainview Ave - UTM 54.505735, - 128.543901- SE Terrace
Reported: August 2nd-August 6th (Teresa Weismiller and Dianne Weismiller)

Horned Puffins (6)
Location: Flatrock Island - Haida Gwaii
Reported: July 30 (Carey Bergman et al.)

Long-billed Curlew 
Location: Rose Spit (Naikoon Provincial Park) - Massett
Reported: July 27 (Daniel Donnecke)

Manx Shearwater
Location: Hecate Strait: UTM 53.9471, -130.8994 - 3 hrs from Prince Rupert
Reported: July 17 (Carey Bergman)

Red-tailed Hawk (Harlan's)
Location: Cassiar Highway: UTM 58.2218, -130.2238
Reported: July 15th (Carey Bergman)

Blackpoll Warbler
Location: Nisga's memorial lava beds - Near Terrace
Reported: July 13th (Carey Bergman)

Magnolia Warbler
Location: Skeena River-Kwinitsa confluence - Skeena
Reported: July 13th (Carey Bergman)

Tundra Swan
Location: Pinetree Lake - Porter Landing
Reported: July 2nd (Stefan Schlick)

Location: Hixon community hall - Hixon
Reported: July 2nd (Jeff Dyck/Angie Joiner)

Le Conte's Sparrow (3)
Location: Giscome Elementary School - Giscome (North east of Prince George)
Reported: June 30th (Cathy Antoniazzi) Continuing July 11th
Directions: Turn at the road after the school-Giscome south rd. birds are just around first corner in the field on north side of the road (lakeside).

Gray Catbird

Photo: Aaron Marshall
Location: Lund rd, South of Prince George
Reported: June 19th (Aaron Marshall) Continuing to July 3rd (Jeff Dyck)

White-throated Sparrow (3)
Location: Ross Lake Provincial Park
Reported: June 30th (Larry Joseph)

Northern Hawk Owl 
Location: Heckman Pass Traul - Tweedsmuir Provincial Park
Reported: June 25th (Art Martell)

Willow Flycatcher
Location: Stewart boardwalk
Reported: June 16 (Jim Owens)

Mew Gull (2)/Greater Scaup
Location: Starratt Wildlife Sanctuary (Cranberry Marsh) near Valemount
Reported: June 16 (Emily Williams)

White-throated Sparrow
Location: Ross Lake Provincial Park-near Hazelton
Reported: June 15 (Krista Kaptain)

American Goldfinch
Location: Farrow Street in Kitimat Village
Reported: June 15 (Walter Thorne)

Gray-Cheeked Thrush
Location: Shangles-Kitimat Stikine
Reported: June 6 (Bill Sampson)

Location: Wright Creek Pit Rd - Salmon Valley
Reported: June 6 (Jeff Dyck)

Sabine's Gulls (3)
Location: Eaglet Lake - Near Prince George
Reported: June 4 (Cathy Antoniazzi)

Parasitic Jaeger
Location: West end of Eagle Lake - 215 Km West of Williams Lake
Reported: June 4 (Ryan Johnston)

Horned Puffin (2)
Location: West side of Anthony Island - Haida Gwaii
Reported: May 29 (Ken Wright)

Parasitic Jaeger (4), flying north
Location: Green Lake (south of 100 Mile House)
Reported; May 22 (Jess Findlay)

Whimbrel (1), flying north
Location: Green Lake (south of 100 Mile House)
Reported; May 22 (Jess Findlay)

Swamp Sparrow
Location: New Town Sewage Lagoon Rd - New Hazelton
Reported: May 20 (Larry Joseph)

Horned Puffin
Location: 103 Km SSE of South end of Haida Gwaii viewed from Grand Pricess Cruise Ship - Haida Gwaii
Reported: May 19 (Paul Lehman)

Pacific Golden Plover (1)
Location: SE corner of Sandspit - Haida Gwaii
Reported: Feb 14 (Carey Bergman)

American Coots (3)
Location: Masset - Haida Gwaii
Reported: Feb 7, 2016 (Carey Bergman)