Monday, June 19, 2017

RBA: MOTTLED PETREL near Haida Gwaii - June 12th

At 8 am on June 12-2017 Scott Atkinson observed a Mottled Petrel from the Emerald Princess cruise ship he was on in Queen Charlotte Sound. He was able to view the bird with bins for half a minute as it flew Northwards alongside the ship at a distance of 125 feet. It flew above the waves, no more than 15 feet high, with a bounding flight pattern. After a few seconds, it turned south and disappeared from sight.

Scott was not able to photograph the bird due to the brevity of the sighting but is very experienced with this species. He was not able to record an exact GPS coordinate at the time. He described the bird perfectly as having "even dove-gray upperparts; fresh plumage, M-pattern of wings not distinct above. Gray cap. At turn, underwing flashes bright white with black bar forward, sharply contrasting and distinctive. White underwings, undertail coverts and throat also contrast with gray belly."

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